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Menu | IPPUDO NY News

Weekend Lunch menu

May 23, 2015

Dear Ippudo customers Beginning today, we’ll be offering a special Weekend Lunch menu. We’ve streamlined it to better serve our lunchtime customers, removing some items which will now be served during dinner ONLY, and adding two new appetizers to delight you – Ippudo Torikara-age with Spicy Mentaiko Mayo, and Ippudo French Fries! In addition, the […]

chanko nabe1

Ippudo NY East Village November Specials

November 4, 2014

Doteni (Above) Skirt steak, honeycomb tripe, gobo, konnyaku, and carrot simmered in savory miso.   Tori Tsukune Yakitori style chicken meatball skewers, grilled & brushed with a shitake tare.   Kabocha Gnocchi Hand made kabocha gnocchi, with a miso sage butter sauce.   Ichinokura Mukansa


Ippudo Westside November Special Appetizers

November 4, 2014

Sanzoku Tomorokoshi     Chikuzen-Ni   Ichinokura “Mukansa” Honjozu sake


Ippudo East Village Special Mint Tonkotsu Ramen

October 14, 2014

Come to Ippudo and try the special mint tonkotsu ramen. Exclusively at Ippudo NY East Village!  


Ippudo Westside Fall Ramen Special

October 14, 2014

CHA! CHA! CHA! ~ Ippudo Westside Fall Ramen Special, Rich and powerful bonito-flavored tonkotsu shoyu ramen inspire by the traditional “Cha-Cha style” topped with a heaping handful of cabbage, chashu, garlic-mayonnaise, gyofun, and double portion of our housemade thick-wavy noodles, this ramen dares to be devoured! 1..2..3..4..5..6.., CHA CHA CHA!


Ippudo Westside October Specials

October 14, 2014

Lobster claw meat and maitake mushroom with a celery puree and yuzu pepper meringue over a squid-ink miso reduction (above)   Green tea cured salmon   Crunchy, beer-battered Shirauo fish with our signature Kaedama Ale beer mustard   Ippudo x Kitaya Junmai Cup Sake!


Ippudo NY East Village October Special Appetizers

October 14, 2014

Fried calamari and a spicy su-miso sauce (above)   Ippudo style bibimbap with teriyaki chicken   Pan-fried bronzini, yuzu vinaigrette, with kinpira gobo  


Ippudo Westside September Special

September 4, 2014

Satsuma Imo & Kabocha Tsutumi-age (Above)   Kamo Tataki   Arare Koromo Salmon Kinoko Sauce