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East Village September Special Appetizers

September 4, 2014

Buta Kimchi (Above)   Yasai Tempura   Maguro-zuke   Gari Gari Chu-Hi


Ippudo Westside August Special Appetizer

August 4, 2014

Summer Roll – Nama Harumaki (above)   An Ippudo Westside Fish & Chips: Saba & Konsai-Age   Hello Autumn Crab “Cake”   Kubota Manju – Junmai Daiginjyo Sake Choya Umeshu – Classic / Honey / Shiso


New Grand Menu

July 9, 2014

Hey Ippudo fans! We have a new Grand Menu ready for you to try at Ippudo West Side (321 W51st Street). Come by and discover some new tasty dishes that are sure to become instant favorites.


July 2014 Appetizer Specials

July 7, 2014

Chiki-Age (above) Japanese “Satsuma-age” fried fish cakes filled with mozzarella cheese.   Chipotle Pork Buns Ippudo’s steamed Hirata Buns filled with thinly sliced pork belly sautéed in a spicy chipotle bbq sauce.     Iwashi Furai Panko-overed, fried Sardines, basil and ponzu sauce with parmesan cheese.


New collaboration special ramen!

July 2, 2014

BARA BING! at Ippudo East Village. A new collaboration special ramen between Ippudo’s Noodle Master & NY Chef Jeremy Velardi. Tsukemen-style Fettuccini ramen noodles . Limited quantities served each day.


Summer Weekday Lunch Special Ramen

June 10, 2014

Ippudo Westside Summer Weekday Lunch Special Ramen “UME NO NATSU”. Introducing a refreshing balance to NYC’s Summer heat! Ippudo Westside’s exclusive vegetarian ramen served cold.


Ippudo Westside June Specials

June 1, 2014

Marugoto Ebi Pirikara: (above) White Ocean Prawns flash fried in-the-shell and sautéed in a chili sauce served with moyashi, red and yellow bell peppers and crispy potato thins. Yamitsuki Mekyabetsu: roasted brussel sprouts and edamame salad with grapefruit miso vinaigrette, fried prosciutto and kale chips. Hotate Gazpacho: a refreshingly chilled tomato soup with red pepper, […]


Shojin Ramen for the Summer!

May 28, 2014

Heat it up! Cool it down! Ippudo Westside’s Shojin Ramen will be served chilled for the hot summer months. Begins this Sunday, June 1st!


May 2014 Appetizer Specials

May 6, 2014

Kale Iri-Goma Salad (above) Fresh Kale and Asparagus with toasted sesame paste, candied pecans, seasonal fruit, and goji berries. Shirauo Age Crunchy Shirauo Icefish tempura topped with sliced shishito peppers. Tontoro Teppan Pork Cheek, baby bok choy, and mixed vegetables sautéed in spicy Japanese miso served on a sizzling teppan plate and topped with scallions. […]


April 2014 Appetizer Specials

April 1, 2014

Nasu Age Spring Garden (above) Fried Japanese eggplant with hatcho miso dare, panko-coconut cauliflower with yuzu midori sauce and sea salt and vinegar eggplant chips. Ippudo Caeser Salad A creamy herb wasabi Caeser dressing, Romaine lettuce, Kaisomen, and Pecorino Romano cheese complemented by savory grilled chicken and a soft boiled egg Pork Steak with Caramalized […]