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May 2014 Appetizer Specials | IPPUDO NY News

May 2014 Appetizer Specials

By ippudo, May 6, 2014

Kale Iri-Goma Salad (above)
Fresh Kale and Asparagus with toasted sesame paste, candied pecans, seasonal fruit, and goji berries.

Shirauo Age
Crunchy Shirauo Icefish tempura topped with sliced shishito peppers.

Tontoro Teppan
Pork Cheek, baby bok choy, and mixed vegetables sautéed in spicy Japanese miso served on a sizzling teppan plate and topped with scallions.

Uni Crostini
Fresh California sea urchin, cashew-cauliflower spread with parmesan, corn infused olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon zest on top of whole wheat toast.

Tako Kushi Yaki
Grilled octopus skewers topped with a sendai miso glaze. Complimented by a goma wakame seaweed salad and schimi-sansyo spice blend.

Wagashi Sanshu-mori
Three kinds of Japanese sweets! Red Bean Yokan, Kinako-dusted Mochi with kuromitsu syrup, and green tea short bread cookies.